The Ranmore Common National Trust car park is the start point for a straight run along the top of the North Downs and also the larger looping run known as the 'Tower Terror' which takes us across to Leith Hill Tower on a very undulating course.


Newlands Corner Run (14-15miles)

Stage 1          Leave Ranmore Common car-park via gate and turn diagonally right across field (Steers Field) to go through gate and run along the long straight path ahead.  Cross two barriers to continue ahead.  In time the path will snake a little, but basically don’t follow any paths left or right.  After a bit, run up a moderate incline to join a track from your right, to descend gently to a gate with a pillbox on your left.  Take the path on your right, up a bank.  Follow this path and after another pillbox high on your right, the path comes to a road.

Stage 2          Cross the road turn right and in 10 metres run up the steep(ish) path opposite – follow path as it turns left at the top to descend to a gate on your right.  Go through gate and stay on path (passing another pillbox on your left) till you come to a short uphill stretch (bench on your right?).  Go through two kissing gates to enter Blatchford Down.

Stage 3          Turn left to run downhill, following the path as it begins to turn gently right.  Through kissing gate and follow the path to another gate on your left.  Enter the fenced off area to run along a soft grassy path to exit via yet another gate.  Cross track to run ahead and soon, after an incline, you will come to a bar gate with kissing gate. (Hackhurst Down)

Stage 4          Turn left after the gate to join a wide track (Canadian Road). Follow this track for over a mile, ignoring all paths and tracks on the right and left.  After some time you’ll come to a low barrier across the track (to prevent 4x4s?) – there is a disused reservoir at 10 o’clock(ish). Run across the cross track (area known as Gallows Gate) to run ahead and soon to arrive at Hollister Farm.  Run past farm, with stables on your right; pass a small white cottage (King John’s favourite brothel) and soon after, turn right.  Follow the track/rough road, and as the track bears left, fork right along a path to a road.

Stage 5          Turn right at road and after 10 metres cross road and turn sharp left and not long after, cross another road to enter West Hanger car-park.  Exit car-park at far end and follow the path due West for about a mile or so.  Ignore all paths left and right.  Path can get muddy in places.  In time you will run past a finger post pointing left (viewpoint) but carry straight on to come out at the A25 and Newlands Corner.  Don’t cross the road.

Stage 6          Swallow these notes and retrace your steps!


Towers Terror (short route) All distances are (wild) estimates

1          From the car-park run diagonally right across field to exit through a stile (gate?) ignore paths right and left to run along a long and straight path (800metres).  Run through a barrier and then turn left to go downhill.  At the bottom, turn right and then very soon after, turn left to follow a narrow path to a railway line.  Cross and continue ahead and when the track starts to bend left, look out for a path on the right (not obvious).  Follow the path to cross a plank over a stream.  Very soon there will be a field in front and run across it to exit via a stile.

2          Run through a copse and then down to cross a stream and a stile to get to a road (Balchin Road?). Turn right to reach the A25.  Turn left and soon after cross road to turn right to follow a small road (Rookery something)  After passing cottages, turn left up a path.   Townhouses on your right.  At the fork turn right up a moderately steep narrow path.  Cross stile (or gate) to come to a field.  Cross this field – along a visible path – to exit via a stile and turn left onto a track.  Follow this track for about a mile (passing a waterfall on your left).

3          Eventually you’ll exit at Broadmoor Village (hamlet), ignore the track on your left, to pass cottages on your right.  As the road ends (by a red ‘phonebox’ ?) follow path up through a wood. Ignore all paths left and right.  After about 800 metres the path bends left to meet a wide forestry track.  Turn right and when the track bends right, leave it to take a smaller path on your left.  Follow this path, gently uphill to reach a crossing track – keep straight ahead ignoring any left or right paths.  Next bit is tricky!

4          After about 600 metres the track will fork, take the left fork (not too obvious), which is really a path and runs upwards through a pine wood.  Stay on this path/track for about 800m till you get to a large junction of paths and tracks (in a hollow).  Take the uphill path almost opposite (about 10 o’clock).  In 200m you reach Leith Hill Tower.

5          With the Tower on your left, run ahead to go down a steep hill and at the bottom, continue in the same direction, upwards along wide path.  After 150m the path descends and then a little later bends right and slightly uphill. Follow the track which takes you around the cricket pitch to another track (rough road) going downhill to Coldharbour.  At the bottom, before the pub on your right, turn left onto a wide track which passes houses on your left.  After 400m the track forks – take the left fork uphill.  At the top, follow the main track and ignore all tracks left and right.  The track gets narrower and sandy.  After 400m the track/path will bend right (field on your left) and in 100m there ought to be a newly built ‘twee’ house on the right. 

6          Immediately after the house, turn right and in a few metres turn left to descend down a rocky track to eventually come to a wide forestry track.  Turn left to go uphill.  The track bends gently right and left and then descends slightly.  When the track bends right (as a reference you will see a path on your right coming uphill) stay on the track for 150m to leave via a path opposite.  This path will snake gently downhill and eventually there will be a short uphill stretch, after which you should take a right turn to run down a path with a field on your right.  The path leads to a gate and a road.  Follow this road for about  800m and at a T-junction turn left and then 20m later turn right. 

7          Follow the track to a stile (next to a farm gate?)  Cross the stile to run down an enclosed path and exit via another stile into a field.  Cross field and head for the corner.  At corner, cross a plank bridge and then a stile (could be vice versa) and follow the path on your left.  The fishing ponds will be on your right.  At end of path, cross bridge and then turn left along a track to a metal (kissing?) gate.  Run along the road with some nice houses and a dovecot on the left to come out at the A25.

8          Cross the A25 and run up the track opposite, and soon after fork right to cross a bridge.  After 30m go over stile on your left and run across filed to another stile. Cross stile and run along a rocky track to go through kissing gate (stile), and then turn right uphill to another stile -  and proceed in the same direction, heading towards to North Downs.  After a while, cross a stile to run along an enclosed path to cross another stile by a gate.  Can be very muddy.   Follow the path towards the Downs.  Cross railway line and run uphill to a gate.  Run uphill, over a crossing track and continue ahead.  At kissing gate run uphill (Steers Field - stop half way to look at the brilliant view!)  Car-park is ahead.


Based on Raymond Hugh’s Adventurous Walks


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